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Clenbuterol: Everything you need to know!

Today sports are fashionable, relevant and stylish. All characters and actors of the most popular films and TV series are always in good shape. You can’t get such a body just like that, you need to spend a lot of time in the gym and spend a lot of energy on building muscle mass. But lifting weights is not enough, you also need to have a very low percentage of body fat. Since the tissues in a person are arranged in layers, the fat layer must be very thin for seeing good muscle definition. To do this, you need to lose weight and get yourself in the right athletic form.

Just eating less is not an option, especially if you want or need to lose weight very quickly. Such circumstances may be close sporting events or fitness bikini performances. In such cases, low weight and maximum texture of the muscle tissue is required. Special drugs such as fat burners can help you lose weight. They are very different and come in the form of capsules or water-soluble powders, from synthetic or natural substances, with different potency ratings. One of these drugs is the non-steroidal Clenbuterol. The substance is often used by bodybuilders during training.

What is Clenbuterol?

When this drug was developed, no one suspected that it would be used by heavyweight athletes to improve their athletic performance or simply to improve their appearance. It was originally intended to help people suffering from asthma. The drug was developed, passed all the necessary clinical trials exactly as a medicine for asthma, in the same status it hit the market and was sold until another of its quality and method of application was discovered.

It is not known who first figured out how to take “Clenbuterol” for weight loss. Perhaps some person combined the use of this drug for medical purposes and sports training, after which they noticed a positive trend in weight loss and discovered these properties. Or a person who is versed in pharmacology has studied the composition and understood how else the substance can be used. But now this is no longer recognizable.

However, we can say for sure that “Clenbuterol” has nothing to do with anabolic steroids and is suitable for people who avoid such drugs for any reason. But with that said, thanks to the properties of Clenbuterol, it can be used alongside other substances including anabolic steroids to heighten the performance outcomes. Many bodybuilders also recommend to buy T3 and Trenbolone to get fast results.

Who needs it and why?

To begin with, it is worth excluding people suffering from asthma or other respiratory diseases from this list in advance. In this case, the intake of “Clenbuterol” is indicated for a faster release of excess weight and moisture from the body. The need for fast weight loss can be caused by several reasons. The first thing that comes to mind is getting rid of excess weight quickly for reasons related to the aesthetic perception of one’s own appearance. But this method is not often used for this. Because it is considered too radical for untrained people with no experience with sports supplements.

Most often, “Clen” for weight loss is used by professional performing athletes. Since for these people, sport is a continuation of a career and they are ready to use the most original and unusual ways to lose weight. This also applies to Clenbuterol. Most people will prefer a herbal fat burner, which slightly improves tone during exercise and speeds up a person’s natural metabolism, which also has a positive effect on weight loss. But this effect is not as strong as from the aforementioned drug.

For performing athletes, taking “Clenbuterol” helps to reduce weight and remove mass as soon as possible. The use of “Clenbuterol” is most often used by bodybuilders and musclemen, for whom not only strength indicators are important, but also the aesthetic shape of the muscles. Many athletes perform on stage to demonstrate and evaluate their sports form and this applies not only to men, but also to women acting as fitness bikinis. Fat burners helps to reduce fat and water levels, which improves the appearance of muscle tissues. The muscles themselves will not increase thanks to this tool, but they will be much more visible, which is very important in such competitions.

You can take ” Clenbuterol ” for drying, if there is a desire to change the weight category, this often applies to power martial arts and other sports, where categories are determined by the weight of athletes. In addition, some very high carbohydrate diets, such as weight gainers, can cause  overweight. Taking Clenbuterol is a good way to improve the situation.

For athletes who have let themselves go and are carrying excessive amounts of body weight around. This can become an issue and hinder their desires and performances. In these cases, Clenbuterol will not provide the severity of help that is needed due to its light fat burning effects. T3, which is a Thyroid stimulator will change the way in which the body burns and stores fat and also the user will benefit greatly from gaining an increased metabolism. In turn, this means that when an athlete uses T3 and Clenbuterol together, the results will be major fatty weight loss for the user. After a cycle of two of these combined substances is complete, an athlete will be much lower in terms of body fat and can resume the normal weight loss regime to tighten everything up and make their muscles pronounced with just Clenbuterol that will be used solo.

How does “Clenbuterol” work?

In order to understand how to properly take “Clenbuterol” for weight loss, you need to find out how it works. In the human body, there are two groups of adrenergic receptors – alpha and beta. Excitation of the former causes an increase in body fat, while exposure to beta receptors stimulates the body to use body fat as a source of energy and carbohydrates. It burns excess weight and promotes weight loss.

“Clenbuterol” is a beta 2 agonist. This means that it actively interacts with beta-adrenergic receptors and causes the process of lipolysis. This is a special biochemical process that breaks down fats in the body, which leads to a decrease in body fat.

In addition to fat burning and fat decomposition, the drug has a positive effect on human metabolism. “Clenbuterol” accelerates the natural metabolism by about 20-30 percent. This is another reason and decision factor to think about whether to take “Clenbuterol” for drying or not, both for men and women.

Lipoprotein lipase is a special enzyme found in the human body. Thanks to this drug, it begins to act even more actively. This factor, in turn, reduces the effect of fat storage in the body. At the same time, the components contained in Clenbuterol act on the thyroid gland, forcing it to produce hormones that also help in fat burning. It is because of all these effects that “Clenbuterol” is often used for weight loss and drying. The main difference between the severity of Clenbuterol and T3, is that Clenbuterol stimulates the Thyroid, while T3 makes the Thyroid produce more of the hormone which in turn speeds up the body’s metabolism without fail. This is why using these substances in tandem has become so effective for weight loss.

Typically, the drug comes in pill form, so it is good to take it with any food or drink. Intake of “Clenbuterol” can be perfectly combined with a low-calorie diet, which further accompanies the process of losing weight. The diet helps not to overeat and reduce calorie intake, and the drug burns what does get into the body.

Another plus of using “Clenbuterol” is a long period of validity. Unlike the same “Ephedrine”, another asthma drug that is also used in sports, the drug we are considering lasts much longer. This allows you to use its beneficial properties both in strength training, which are characterized by short periods of strong physical exertion and long rest relative to the approach and during cardio workouts. Those, in turn, represent long but moderate exertion, persistent sweating and calorie expenditure. Examples of cardio workouts include running, whether outdoors or on a treadmill and an exercise bike. These sports are best for removing excess moisture and losing weight.

Myths about “Clenbuterol”

Various types of drugs or sports nutrition when gaining popularity also receive a number of stereotypes about their action and other things, this also applies to “Clenbuterol”. Often this topic is raised in articles on how to take “Clenbuterol” for weight loss for men. This stereotype is that “Clenbuterol” is an anabolic steroid.

One of the reasons for this opinion is the tests carried out on animals. However, this fact is taken out of context. To be more precise, even very large doses of this substance administered to horses produced hormonal changes in only a small number of experimental subjects. The changes themselves were small and did not affect the behavior of the animals; it was possible to find out about the very fact of these changes only with the help of analyzes, but not observation.

There is an aphorism that a drop of nicotine kills a horse. With “Clenbuterol” the opposite situation – a dosage of 1,000mcg (1 mg) is normally tolerated by a horse, but it can be harmful to humans. Therefore, you should not overdo it with the pills, as after all, these are not vitamins like branched-chain amino acids, but a real medicine for which there are special rules for taking. Although the drug may have anabolic properties, it is best not to try to eat as much as it was given to horses in trials.

Some people attribute to “Clenbuterol” all kinds of properties including anabolic, anti-catabolic, improving muscle growth or strength. But all this has no scientific basis. “Clenbuterol” is a remedy for asthma, which can also be used for weight loss and drying. Any other effects are caused by other drugs or other factors that can affect the body at the same time when taking Clenbuterol.

Although sometimes the drug can have an additional effect on the body, even without any other drugs, as a rule, these effects are insignificant and do not have a big effect either on the process of losing weight and drying, or on the entire body as a whole.

Another point is associated with the use of “Clenbuterol” for weight loss. Some people, especially those who are not familiar with the topic of sports nutrition, believe that it is enough just to start taking this medicine and the excess weight will begin to go away by itself. But, of course, this is not so, as nothing happens if you do not spend the energy.

As with any other fat burner, Clenbuterol helps you to lose weight, but only if the tablets are combined with regular exercise. Also, to lose weight, you must follow a diet. Its idea is to consume fewer calories per day than burned during exercise. This is why many athletes consider proteins and carbohydrates in their food. “Clenbuterol” helps to burn more calories, but without sports, there will be no benefit from the drug.

It has already been said that Clenbuterol speeds up the natural metabolism and makes it so that the body uses its own fat as a source of carbohydrates. But this does not mean that you can forget about the rules of proper nutrition. The situation is similar to the fat burning effect described earlier. Of course, the drug helps in improving physical fitness, but without food discipline, it is useless. You still can’t eat heavy food after six in the evening, you can’t overdo it with sweets, fatty and oily foods are not recommended. Speaking of sugar. “Clenbuterol” is also sold in the form of a syrup with a high content of this very sugar. Therefore, it is better to take it in pill form.

“Clenbuterol” is a very useful medicine, and not only for people suffering from asthma, but also for athletes who want to lose weight and remove excess fluid from the body. But this is not a magic potion of harmony and beauty. The drug does not make a person slim after the first pill. Any sports supplement must be combined with exercise, diet, and a healthy daily routine.

For this kind of weight loss to occur, other substances are used by athletes from various different backgrounds and sports. The most popular and widely used substance for weight loss and health benefits is Growth Hormone. Also known as “HGH”, this substance can provide many benefits within the functioning of the body which will one, increase the weight loss process and two, will heighten the body’s immune system and overall health. This substance is perfect for both male and female athletes, can be used in any type of sport and will also promote on site fat burning properties which will eradicate the belly fat of the user.

Instructions how to use “Clenbuterol” for weight loss

Medicines should not be eaten like candies, as there are special rules for them, especially when it comes to cases where the drug is taken for other purposes.

With this in mind, the following important question appears: “How to take “Clenbuterol” for weight loss?” Intake rules are necessary in order to prevent overdoses and to reduce the negative side effects. In order to get the effect that athletes need from this drug, you need to remember some of the nuances.

As with any medicines, men need to take “Clenbuterol” for drying in accordance with special rules. They are needed for a reason, which is for the correct effect and preservation of the health of the recipient, as since taking an extra dose can be harmful, and a small amount of the substance will be useless.

The scheme for taking “Clenbuterol” for weight loss is as follows: you need to start with 20 micrograms and increase the dose by 20 micrograms every day. So by the fifth day of admission, the dose should reach the maximum allowed 120mcg. From the sixth to the twelfth, you need to maintain such a dosage, but from the thirteenth, you should begin to decrease the dosage. On the thirteenth day, you need to take 80mcg, on the fourteenth 40mcg and on the fifteenth do not take at all and take a break for three weeks before consuming this substance again.

The daily dose should be divided into two intakes; the first half in the morning, the second at lunchtime. It is better not to take Clenbuterol in the evening, as it will be very difficult to fall asleep after that. This problem appears due to the acceleration of metabolism. Since the effect of the drug can last for several hours, you can knock down the regimen and sleep all day after the end of the action of the pills.

Instructions for the use of “Clenbuterol” for weight loss do not lie in the package with the drug, because pharmacologists release it for people with asthma, not for weight loss. Therefore, you must remember these rules or always keep them at hand when using Clenbuterol for this purpose.

Combination with other drugs and supplements

Due to the active metabolism during the course of taking “Clenbuterol” the body loses a large amount of nutrients along with sweat and receives the need for proteins after exercise. You can compensate for this with the help of branched-chain amino acids vitamins and sports nutrition, also called protein. Both of these supplements have no side effects, they can also be freely combined with any pill and nothing bad will happen. Protein and branched-chain amino acids, as a rule, are taken three times a day, you can take “Clenbuterol” before and after training, along with your sports nutrition.

In addition, it is recommended to take the “Ketotifen” drug during the break. It helps to restore the body after high doses of “Clenbuterol” and negate the likelihood of side effects. This drug has various anti-allergenic properties.

For intensive weight loss and lean mass gaining desires, Clenbuterol is often taken with Winstrol in order for the athlete to gain a faster onset of lean muscle mass and also to decrease the excess water and fat from the body. Clenbuterol will also maximize the effects of Winstrol and provide greater increases in the stamina levels.

For mass muscle gain, this is where Clenbuterol is used as an auxiliary substance. As for athletes who wish to gain major size and increased muscle volume, Anadrol tablets are used to promote this growth. When Anadrol is used, the body will carry more fluid to help with this growth, but with the use of Clenbuterol alongside, the athlete can benefit from the same growth, while removing a lot of this fluid and excess fat from the body. This will also ensure the athlete’s stamina levels are able to be kept high from the benefit of the enhanced cardiac system.

Adverse reactions of “Clenbuterol”

As already mentioned, these are not vitamins or protein nutrition, these are real tablets containing an active medicinal substance. Therefore, like any other medications, this medication can cause side effects, which can be unpleasant.

The most common side effects during the course of “Clenbuterol” include:

  • Nausea;
  • Upset gastrointestinal tract;
  • Increased blood pressure and heartbeat;
  • Anxiety and insomnia;
  • Tremors and convulsions;
  • Excessive sweating.

In this list, these effects are arranged in the order of statistical occurrence in athletes. Nausea is the rarest “side effect”, appearing in 3% of respondents, while sweating was found in 20% of athletes.

However, you shouldn’t worry too much about this. All this appears only in the first days of the “Clenbuterol” course. Later, the body gets used to it and its work is normalized. Sweating should not be considered something terrible, it is a normal reaction to the acceleration of metabolism. Most of the side effects should disappear after a couple of days. But if some symptoms still remain even after a week, then it is better to check the daily dose of the drug consumed.

In order to keep the likelihood of other side effects to a minimum, it is worth remembering the maximum recommended dose of 120 micrograms per training day.

Gender differences for “Clenbuterol”

The scheme of taking ” Clenbuterol ” does not differ for men and women, since it affects those elements of the body that are not very different in both sexes. However, there is a difference in the maximum dosage. Men can take more “Clenbuterol” for weight loss. The male maximum is 120mcg, while the female maximum is around 90-100mcg. This is because the average man is larger than the average woman. However, the body of each individual person can perceive medications in different ways, therefore, if there is a desire to exceed the permissible dose, it is better to consult with a specialist first who can select a dosage for your individual body type.

Allergies to “Clenbuterol”

There is one more important point, which is allergies and individual intolerances to the drug and its individual components.

The question of how to take “Clenbuterol” for weight loss is fully disclosed, but sometimes it happens that the body does not accept any substance and reacts to it by irritating the mucous membranes, rashes, or simply not accepting its medicinal effect. In this case, it does not matter whether a person wants to or not, they will not be able to take medications to which they are allergic to.

It is better to go to the doctor in advance and find out about all your allergies and intolerances, and only after that, knowing and understanding what any drug will do to the body, buy Clenbuterol and plan a quick weight loss in the gym. Such caution will save your money and health.

The end conclusion

“Clenbuterol” is a very unusual drug. It was created to help people suffering from asthma, but it is used in sports, and sometimes in order to achieve very powerful results. The medicine in the syrup contains a lot of sugar, but it helps to lose weight. It suits a lot of people greatly. Someone uses it simply to lose weight and improve aesthetic appearance. Other people use this drug to move to different weight classes and go to competitions. Others are simply more comfortable living and exercising without excess weight.

The very procedure for using this drug is very simple, as you just need to take a few tablets, preferably before training. However, “Clenbuterol” requires careful attention. Any athlete who decides to lose weight with asthma medication should remember that this is not just a pill, but a serious medication.

In order for “Clenbuterol” to work and do everything that is required of it, you need to remember the correct dosage, the cycle of intake and rest. Also, do not expect that it is enough to just take the pills and everything will disappear by itself. Any excess weight should be shed in the cardio room, and “Clenbuterol” only helps to cope with excess weight and speeds up the metabolism. Never forget about the need for constant training, preferably with an increase in the load. Only after that, the drug will begin to work correctly and will help remove excess moisture from the body and burn fat.

Various drugs and supplements are the norm for modern sports, especially professional ones. Therefore, there is no need to be afraid to use them to improve results. Especially considering that “Clenbuterol” is not a steroid and it will not be able to affect the hormonal background of a person, no matter how much he or she takes of this drug.