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Hormones and bodybuilding

Hormones play a very important role in bodybuilding, primarily due to their ability to directly influence the process of building muscle mass. However, this property alone for the athlete’s body is not limited to their benefits. Anabolic hormones are substances that are secreted by hormonal glands at the command of the brain. Moreover, the brain is the largest hormonal gland in the human body. It sends hormones throughout the body, which bind to receptors in much the same way as a plug and socket. For a bodybuilder, success in building muscle depends largely on how much (or little) hormones are present in his or her blood. We will now see which hormones will be discussed.


The main hormones in bodybuilding are anabolic steroids, growth hormone, and insulin. Anabolic steroids are a group of pharmacological drugs, the main task of which is to imitate the main male sex hormone testosterone. Since steroids stimulate the formation of new protein structures within cells, this as a result leads to the active growth of muscle tissues. Growth hormone is produced by the anterior pituitary gland. Its pharmacological form is used in bodybuilding to highlight the definition of the body. Insulin is produced by the pancreas and is valued in bodybuilding for its ability to exert a pronounced anabolic effect on the body, to which it is also not limited. With the correct use, these synthetic hormones can provide many benefits within the bodybuilding world.

Anabolic steroids

The mechanism of action of anabolic steroids on the body is significantly different from the mechanism of action of peptide hormones. When steroid molecules enter the bloodstream, they are carried with the bloodstream throughout the body, where they interact with skeletal muscle cells, sebaceous and also endocrine glands. Anabolic steroids easily dissolve in fats, for this reason, they also easily penetrate the lipid (fatty) membrane of cells and already inside the cell, interact with androgen receptors in the nucleus and cytoplasm. Activated receptors transmit a signal into the cell nucleus, which affects the gene expression. As a result, the process of formation of new protein structures is started.

  • Anabolic activity – is the property of hormonal anabolic steroids to accelerate and stimulate the synthesis of protein compounds and lead to muscle tissue hypertrophy. Substances such as steroids, growth hormone, insulin and some other drugs have anabolic activity. In bodybuilding, steroids are valued by athletes precisely for their anabolic activity, while androgenic ones are avoided.
  • Androgenic activity – this is the property of hormonal anabolic steroids to lead to masculinization and virilization. Most of the side effects from taking anabolic steroids are associated with their androgenic activity. Such drugs, in addition to their negative effects on the body, can increase libido levels, lead to mental activation and cause a feeling of dominance, also known as “roid rage”.

Now that we know what effects anabolic and androgenic activities have on the body, we can describe what specific effects they entail. Anabolic effects include a significant increase in muscle mass (sometimes up to 8-10 kg per month), an increase in strength indicators, an increase in endurance and performance, an increase in the number of red blood cells in the blood, strengthening of bone tissue, as well as a decrease in body fat. Androgenic effects include masculinization (the appearance of male sexual characteristics in women), virilization (coarsening of the voice, changes in facial features, an increase in body hair and reduction on the head), enlargement of the prostate, testicular atrophy, and hair loss.

Anabolic hormones in bodybuilding are used primarily by competitive athletes, as amateurs simply do not need to use them. If the use of these kind of hormonal substances did not entail such significant negative consequences, it is possible that many more athletes would use them. However, it should be recalled that according to the legislation of most countries of the world, anabolic steroids are included in the list of substances prohibited for sale and distribution. And this, in turn, means that their use threatens not only the appearance of health complications, but also the appearance of problems with the law. This is why it is not customary to talk about the use of steroids out loud in certain places.

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Growth hormones

Growth hormone, or as it is also called “somatotropic hormone” (STH) is a peptide hormone of the anterior pituitary gland, which has a wide range of effects on the body. Initially, drugs based on growth hormone were used specifically for medical purposes, however, soon this hormone became very popular in sports, mainly in bodybuilding, due to its ability to increase muscle mass and reduce body fat. However, just as quickly as this drug became popular in sports, it came under the sanctions of the Olympic Committee and was banned. But oddly enough, the ban only led to an increase in the popularity of this hormone and over the past few years its sales have grown by several times.

This hormone is valued in bodybuilding for many reasons. It has an anabolic effect as it stimulates muscle growth. It has an anti-catabolic effect, that is, it prevents the destruction of the protein structures of muscle tissue. It reduces the content of subcutaneous fat. Regulates and balances energy expenditure for physical activity. Accelerates the wound healing processes. It has a rejuvenating effect, as it has a positive effect on the condition of the skin, nails and hair. It stimulates the growth of tissues of internal organs, which lose their tone over the years. Activates the growth of tubular bones (in people under 26 years of age). It increases blood glucose levels, which is also very important for an athlete and also strengthens the immune system.

Growth hormone in bodybuilding is most often used precisely for the purpose of improving the body’s definition. Its advantages are high efficiency, low frequency of occurrence and development of side effects, extremely weak effect on the function of male genital organs and potency. This also includes the fact that growth hormone does not cause androgenic effects and does not require post-cycle therapy after its use. As for the total body weight, after the completion of the one-month course of using the drug, it practically does not change, since large losses of adipose tissue are balanced by an increase in muscle mass. The disadvantages primarily include the cost of the substance (about $ 1,000 per course), as well as a large number of fakes which are being sold on the market today.

The main stimulant of growth hormone secretion are peptide hormones of the hypothalamus. We are talking about somatostatin and somatoliberin. They are secreted by the neurosecretory cells of the hypothalamus directly into the portal veins of the pituitary gland and have an effect directly on the somatotropes. Nevertheless, many other physiological factors also affect the balance of these hormones, as well as the secretion of somatotropic hormones. Scientists have proven that the level of growth hormone secretion can be increased 3-5 times without the use of hormonal substances at all. First of all, this is facilitated by adequate sleep, exercise, the use of protein products, as well as vitamin and mineral supplements.

One way or another, if we talk about peptide hormones as stimulators of growth hormone secretion, you need to understand how effective they are, as their effectiveness is incredibly high. Peptides are capable of increasing the concentration of growth hormone by 10-15 times, while the cost of a course of peptides is much lower than the cost of a similar course of growth hormone. Among the main stimulant drugs are GHRP-2, GHRP-6, GRF (1-29), CJC-1295, Tesamorelin and Ipamorelin. These substances have the most powerful effect on the athlete’s body. As for pharmaceutical or pharmacy stimulants, these include Clonidine (Clonidine), Moxonidine, Baclofen, Niacinamide (Nicotinamide), Dilantin and Hydergin.

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Insulin is a peptide-derived hormone that is produced in the cells of the pancreas. It affects chemical processes in almost all tissues of the body. Its main action is to lower the concentration of glucose in the blood. Insulin increases the permeability of plasma membranes for glucose, activates the main glycolysis enzymes, stimulates the formation of glycogen from glucose in the liver and muscles, and enhances the synthesis of proteins and fats. In addition, insulin reduces the activity of enzymes that break down glycogen and fats. In other words, in addition to the anabolic effect, the hormone insulin also has an anti-catabolic effect, which makes it quite effective for use in the bodybuilding industry.

Overall, this hormone is valued in bodybuilding for its metabolic, anabolic and anti-catabolic effects. Metabolic effects include an increase in the glucose uptake by cells, activation of glycolysis enzymes, an increase in the intensity of glycogen synthesis, and a decrease in the intensity of gluconeogenesis. Anabolic effects include an increase in the absorption of amino acids by cells, an increase in the transport of potassium, magnesium and phosphate ions; enhancement of protein biosynthesis, as well as fatty acids, followed by their esterification. By anti-catabolic effects include the ability of insulin to suppress hydrolysis of proteins, that is, reduce their degradation, as well as the ability to reduce lipolysis, i.e. delivery of fatty acids in the blood.

Experienced bodybuilders are also often aware of the downside of the hormone insulin and its dangers to the body. This is perhaps the biggest reason for the drug’s poor reputation, which is the risk of hypoglycemia. As for beginners and less experienced athletes, there is an opinion among them that supposedly any, even the smallest, excess of the dosage can lead to death, but in reality this is not the case. Scientific and research evidence suggests that the lowest lethal dosage of insulin is 100U (units of action) of the drug, that is, a full insulin syringe. In addition, even an excess of the dosage is often not fatal if glucose is introduced into the blood in a timely manner.

For this reason, this hormone in bodybuilding is preferred to use mainly by experienced athletes who are profoundly proficient in the technique and mechanics of insulin use. In bodybuilding, short-acting and ultra-short-acting insulin is widely used due to their shorted half-lives which reduces the risk of negative occurrences. The difference is that the short drug takes effect 30 minutes after administration, and the ultrashort drug needs just 15 minutes. The advantages of the course of insulin include its low cost, availability in any pharmacy, high quality due to the absence of counterfeits and a pronounced anabolic effect. The disadvantages, as a rule, include a rather complex intake regimen, a relatively large increase in body fat, as well as possible hypoglycemia.

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As we have already seen, hormones play a rather significant role in the body, since they affect not only the external changes visible to the eye, but also many processes that take place outside the field of human vision. The human body is capable of producing all of the hormones listed above by itself. However, when we talk about hormones in bodybuilding, we mean that in addition to the “proprietary” (endogenous), athletes often inject themselves and “external” (exogenous) substances. They need this to achieve faster results in competitive practice. However, in everyday training practice, an ordinary visitor of a fitness club has absolutely no need to use them unless they are fully dedicated in achieving a different physique.