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Anastrazolos 1 by Pharmacom labs is an anti-estrogen for sale in our store. Anastrozole is the active ingredient. It is frequently used for PCT (Post Cycle Therapy) to restore the hormonal background and restart the body’s natural testosterone production. The medication is sometimes used to treat gynecomastia in men. You can improve muscle definition, increase endurance, and eliminate fat cells with the help of the medication.

The effects of Anastrozole

Athletes supplement the course of taking anabolic steroids with aromatase inhibitors to:

  • Avoid the manifestation of gynecomastia
  • Give the muscles an athletic look and venosity. This is possible by minimizing the negative effects of estrogens
  • Minimize estrogenic suppression of the hypothalamus-pituitary-testicular axis, and accelerate rapid recovery
  • Prevent an increase in blood pressure
  • Increase the level of anabolic hormones in the blood

Dosages of Anastrozole

Before adding this drug to your regimen, keep in mind that not all anabolic steroids cause aromatization. Many athletes use Anastrozole in conjunction with testosterone and other comparable steroids like Methyltestosterone and Methandrostenolone. Boldenone and Halotestin exhibit a minor aromatization.

Anastrozole is an effective medicine, according to various reviews. Anastrozole is only used by professional athletes to supplement their steroid cycles in the event of side effects, and it is best started 10 – 25 days after the steroid cycle has begun. If steroids have a rapid effect, then Anastrozole should be started on the 10th day of administration, and if it is a longer effect, then from the 25th day of administration.

Anastrozole 0.5 mg every other day is recommended for beginners. After a week, tests are required to determine the estrogen content and alter the Anastrozole dosage. At a daily dose of 1 mg, the active ingredients of Anastrozole can reduce the amount of estradiol in the blood by 80%.

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