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Testosterone Cypionate Cycle for Muscle Mass

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When most people hear the word “Testosterone”, they instantly think the word “growth”. This fully reflects the main purpose of the steroid. Testosterone cypionate is an esterified version of testosterone that promotes muscle building. The main advantage of a testosterone cypionate cycle is that it’s one of the longest esters of testosterone (after Testosterone Undecanoate which has a ridiculously long half-life), which means it doesn’t need to be used frequently to receive the benefits of the drug. The results from the cycle will gradually increase but will be high-quality.

Main Types of Testosterone

There are five main types of testosterone used in bodybuilding cycles:

  • Testosterone Suspension – Test Suspension is a water-based version of testosterone that is considered the most powerful and fast-acting. It has no ester attached so it has a very short half-life of only a few hours.
  • Testosterone Propionate – Test Prop is a short-estered version of testosterone with a half-life of only 4-5 days, so it is commonly used as a base steroid in cutting cycles.
  • Testosterone Enanthate – Test E is a longer-estered version of the hormone that is probably the most used testosterone ester in bodybuilding, its half-life is around 7 days which makes it easy to stack with many other steroids in a cycle.
  • Testosterone Cypionate – Test Cyp is also a long-estered testosterone with a very similar half-life to Enanthate, although it is slightly longer (about 8 days). This ester of the hormone is the most-used testosterone in the medical field.
  • Testosterone Undecanoate – Test Undeca comes in two forms: oral (Andriol) and injectable (Nebido). Andriol has a half-life of merely a few hours whereas Nebido’s half-life reaches up to over a month.

Additionally, a mixture of several other testosterone esters is used in Sustanon 250 steroids. Although a Sustanon cycle for beginning bodybuilders is not advised before gaining some experienced with the single esters listed above.

There are many options to choose from when it comes to testosterone. But when choosing the best type of testosterone for a cycle, it is necessary to take into account the physiological characteristics of your own body as well as the intended goals of the cycle.

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Benefits of Testosterone Cypionate Cycle

The main advantages of Testosterone Cypionate are that it:

  • acts as a source of carbohydrates and protein
  • is convenient and easy to inject
  • contributes to the growth of muscle mass
  • enhances the absorption of testosterone
  • suppresses catabolic processes
  • saturates the muscles with nutrients
testosterone cypionate cycle

Testosterone Cypionate Cycle Rules of Use

It’s recommended to take Testosterone Cypionate according to the recommendations to gain the maximum benefits from the steroid as well as to avoid any negative affect to your health.

Testosterone Cypionate cycle dosage

For beginners to steroid use, the advised testosterone cypionate dose is 250mg-500mg per week. This weekly dose can be injected once at the same time each week, or you can split the dose into two equal doses taken evenly throughout the week (e.g. Monday and Thursday.)

Test Cyp cycles should generally last from 10-12 weeks to gain the full benefits of the steroid.

Test Cypionate cycle for beginners

WeeksTestosterone Cypionate
1500mg / week
2500mg / week
3500mg / week
4500mg / week
5500mg / week
6500mg / week
7500mg / week
8500mg / week
9500mg / week
10500mg / week
11500mg / week
12500mg / week

Steroid Stacks with Testosterone Cypionate

As you can see, the testosterone cypionate cycle for beginners is pretty easy to perform. When it comes to stacking Test Cyp with other steroids however, a little more thought needs to go into the cycle planning.  

Should you add another injectable steroid to the cycle, or should you try an oral steroid instead?

Nandrolone Decanoate and Testosterone Cypionate stack:

To keep things as simple as possible, combining Testosterone Cypionate with other injectable steroids that have esters of a similar length will ensure that you can enhance the effects of the cycle without having to increase the frequency of taking steroids.

For example, Nandrolone Decanoate has a half-life of about a week (6-12 days) so injections of this steroid can also be performed once per week. So if you’re looking for more mass from your testosterone Cypionate cycle, adding a Deca Durabolin dose at the same time each week will improve the results dramatically.

WeeksTestosterone CypionateNandrolone DecaCabergolineAnastrozole
1500mg / week400mg / week 
2500mg / week400mg / week 
3500mg / week400mg / week 
4500mg / week400mg / week 
5500mg / week400mg / week 2mg / week
6500mg / week400mg / week1mg / week2mg / week
7500mg / week400mg / week1mg / week2mg / week
8500mg / week400mg / week1mg / week2mg / week
9500mg / week400mg / week1mg / week2mg / week
10500mg / week400mg / week1mg / week2mg / week
11500mg / week400mg / week1mg / week2mg / week
12500mg / week400mg / week1mg / week2mg / week
13  1mg / week 
14  1mg / week 

Testosterone Cypionate and Trenbolone Acetate stack:

For experienced athletes, timing doses during a cycle becomes second nature to them so they can easily combine steroids of different esters together in a stack without causing hormonal issues.

Some can also easily increase the dose of testosterone cypionate up to a maximum 1000mg per week without experiencing severe effects.

For instance, Trenbolone is another powerful substance that can be combined with testosterone in a cycle. Trenbolone Acetate is the fast-acting version of the hormone and can be used to cut down fat and water weight towards the end of a testosterone cypionate.   

WeeksTestosterone CypionateTrenbolone Acetate
1750mg / week 
2750mg / week 
3750mg / week 
4750mg / week 
5750mg / week 
6750mg / week 
7750mg / week 
8750mg / week 
9750mg / week400mg / week
10750mg / week400mg / week
11750mg / week400mg / week
12750mg / week400mg / week

Testosterone Cypionate and Anavar cycle:

Adding certain oral steroids to a Testosterone Cypionate cycle can be another beneficial way to cut down the water retention received from testosterone cypionate.  

A good example would be Oxandrolone (Anavar), which is a mild cutting steroid that’s perfect for preserving muscle while reducing fat and water weight. A low dose of Anavar can be used as a kick-starter at the beginning of the Test Cyp cycle.

WeeksTestosterone CypionateAnavar
1750mg / week20mg / day
2750mg / week20mg / day
3750mg / week20mg / day
4750mg / week20mg / day
5750mg / week20mg / day
6750mg / week20mg / day
7750mg / week 
8750mg / week 
9750mg / week 
10750mg / week 
11750mg / week 
12750mg / week 

Testosterone Cypionate cycle results

A Testosterone Cypionate cycle has a positive effect on the entire body as a whole. It promotes rapid muscle gain, increases strength and endurance, increases vitality, promotes the recovery of the body, increases libido, and can even promote the burning of fat cells with the right diet.

The steroid is susceptible to aromatization, which will mean that a large amount of fluid retention will be accumulated during the Test Cypionate cycle, but the body will remove this fluid after the cycle. Adding a low Proviron dosage from week 2 or 3 of the cycle can reduce fluid build-up on cycle.

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Test Cypionate cycle before and after

Before you start your testosterone cypionate cycle, you must make sure that are prepared. This means that you have planned a regular training schedule, a well-balanced diet and well-constructed steroid cycle for goals.

After the testosterone cypionate cycle, to maintain as much muscle as possible after as well as to restore natural testosterone production, it is vital that you perform post-cycle therapy (PCT) using the relevant substances. Depending on which other steroids are stacked in the cycle, the best drugs for PCT are Tamoxifen and Clomiphene (Nolvadex and Clomid.)

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