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Top 5 Steroid Use Cases in Baseball and Why These Players are Still Hitting Home Runs

Baseball and Steroids

Football, baseball, and other sporting events are excellent ways to keep people’s minds engaged with something other than Netflix and Instagram. Even while the game may be really pleasant, some players have transformed it into a tale of triumph and a tale of failure.

Since the 1980s, when the use of performance-enhancing drugs first became popular, baseball has been utilized as a cover for the usage of steroids on a regular basis. Players who have benefited from them have received larger wages and have achieved more success on the field. Unfortunately, there are certain athletes who continue to be implicated in this controversy, despite the fact that they do not need the usage of drugs to be successful in their profession.

Next to this introduction, the following article will look at the harmful consequences that steroid misuse has had on baseball in general throughout the course of this time period. From the way, it altered the game to the way it alters the lives of each individual participant.

Steroid era

The steroid era affected baseball forever. America’s hobby is becoming America’s doormat.

MLB has gone beyond the “steroid era” and claims their product is better than ever. The issue is that both the All-Star Game and the World Series are now receiving their lowest ratings ever.

The media-driven concept of “the year of the pitcher” has alienated away ordinary fans owing to a lack of runs scored. While MLB’s greatest hitters continue to rake, the bar has been set lower than when Barry Bonds smashed 73 home runs in a season.

MLB has the terrible burden of restoring America’s pastime to its former glory.

The “steroid era” has undoubtedly impacted MLB and its fans’ ability to enjoy the game they once loved. Steroid usage in the late 1990s and early 2000s was a major contributing factor.

The aggressive surge towards the close of the century drew a large following. The 21st-century reaction lost twice as many. It is hard to determine how many fans were gained or lost during the steroid era, but the TV ratings provide a sense of how vital it was to the game.

Considering that MLB baseball is currently in its 142nd season, it is difficult to ignore the statistics that suggest the “steroid era” had the most home runs hit. As stadiums filled, placards reading “chicks dig the long ball” appeared.

Today, such a tagline foreshadows what would happen after the “long ball” is gone. In the mid-2000s, both home run and TV ratings began to decline. MLB had injected itself with a virus. MLB was in a free decline unlike any other sport in recent memory, with stadium attendance also plunging.

Bill Chastain recently wrote on the perpetual absence of crowds at MLB ballparks. His statistics for the 2008 World Series losers Tampa Bay Rays were particularly interesting:

“Despite reaching the World Series in 2008, Tampa Bay saw an average attendance increase of fewer than 800 fans per game at Tropicana Field last season”.

Even a team’s first trip to the World Series could not boost attendance in the post-steroid era.

With the elimination of high-profile home-run races, MLB and its media have turned their attention to the sport’s future. MLB is not aiming to change the sports regulations or the way the game is aired to increase viewership. Even baseball purists have asked for an immediate replay, as the NFL and NHL do.

Instead, MLB is focused on the pitchers, a staple of the game for almost a century. The media and even some players have nicknamed 2010 “the year of the pitcher.” 2010 saw five no-hitters and two perfect games. Only two no-hitters were thrown last season, and only twenty perfect games have been pitched in almost 150 years.

The pitcher has back with a vengeance, and it is not necessarily the C.C. Sabathia of the baseball world. Pitchers are dominating the headlines off the field as well. A rookie pitcher like Lady Gaga, Eminem, or Taylor Swift, Stephen Strasburg has a cult following.

But one player cannot salvage a whole sport from ratings or attendance catastrophe. For the “Strasburg effect,” the top pitcher has an arm ailment that requires Tommy John surgery and will keep him out until 2011.

The 2010 season’s TV ratings are at record lows, and many observers blame “the year of the pitcher” and MLB’s poor performance. Baseball is on track to score 62 one-run games this season, the highest since 1976 when 72 games were scored, according to a story in USA Today.

The National League’s 3-1 triumph Tuesday night on Fox scored a 7.5 fast national rating and 13 shares, according to the NY AP via Yahoo Sports. The AL won 4-3 last season with an 8.9/15 rating. In 2005, the low was 8.1/14. Shares reflect the proportion of all houses having TVs, whereas ratings are the percentage of all homes with TVs in use (Yahoo, 2010).

The All-Star games are generally the second-highest TV ratings and income for major sports leagues behind the Super Bowl, NBA Finals, and World Series. MLB has worked hard to market the pitcher in a manner that enables fans to understand the mental and physical competence required to play that position.

What Steroids Do – MLB Players Use

Steroids are illegal to use in the MLB and are no longer allowed for players under any circumstances. However, many players still use them.

These steroids come in various forms and names. They can be used as pills, injections, creams, or a liquid form. Some steroids include:

– Sustanon 250: Able to increase muscle mass, strength, and endurance. The main one being Induject 250 from Alpha Pharma Healthcare.

– Turinabol: A steroid that is banned by MLB but widely used in Eastern Europe. The main one being Turanabol from Dragon Pharma for enhanced endurance.

– Methandrostenolone (Dianabol): This steroid is banned by the MLB but widely used in Eastern Europe. The most effective substance being the Dianabol 20 from Dragon Pharma for ultimate power gain.

5 Athletes Who Have Used Performance Enhancing Drugs

In competitive sports, drug use is a common phenomenon. In this article, we will be talking about 5 athletes who have used performance-enhancing drugs.

1. Lance Armstrong

2. Ben Johnson

3. Barry Bonds

4. Marion Jones

5. Tyson Gay

Conclusion: What’s the Latest on MLB’s Steroid Punishment Plan?

MLB’s strategy for punishing players who are discovered to have used steroids is off to a shaky start, according to the league’s commissioner.

The Major League Baseball (MLB) has always taken a proactive approach to combat the use of performance-enhancing substances in their sport. In terms of what is and is not permitted, they have extremely strong restrictions in place, and they have had the authority to ban players without hearing from them since the 2005 season. They even had a penalty that was more severe than that of other sports leagues at one point, but it was not until last year that they came up with a method for punishing athletes who are discovered to be taking performance-enhancing drugs.

MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred released the most recent iteration of this strategy in March of 2018, which includes stiffer fines as well as more appeals opportunities for players. Sergio Romo, a reliever for the Tampa Bay Rays, was the first player to be punished as a result of this new policy.

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