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Package: 14 sachet per box
Manufacturer: Sun Pharmaceuticals
Substance: Testosterone gel

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One of the medications that can help men regain hormonal balance is Cernos gel (also known as testosterone gel), which is produced by Sun Pharmaceuticals. The amount of testosterone in the body has a direct impact on how effectively the male reproductive system functions. Slow development of secondary sexual traits is one of the pathologies linked to low testosterone levels in men.

Because these diseases require long-term treatment, some men must take hormonal medications, such as testosterone gel, for the rest of their lives.

The required amount of the hormone in the blood is provided by the testosterone gel for external use in bodybuilding, which contains 1% of testosterone when used daily. Aluminum sachets, each containing 2.5 mg or 5 mg of gel (there are 14 sachets in a box), are used to store the medication.

It has a distinct, lingering alcohol odor and is a transparent, light-colored gel or ointment. The essential oils for testosterone are the active components. Sodium hydroxide, ethanol, isopropyl myristate, and purified water make up the remaining ingredients. This formulation encourages the gel’s short-term absorption by the tissues of the skin.

Effects of Cernos Gel

These are the effects of testosterone:

  • Encourages the growth of the genitalia and muscles
  • Maintains and grows secondary sexual characteristics
  • Controls protein synthesis, even in women
  • Controls the production and elimination of pituitary gonadotropin.

To increase testosterone levels, transdermal testosterone gel is used. A single dose is only slightly (14%) absorbed through the skin. The active substance gradually enters the bloodstream through the skin over the next 24 hours.

The gel application offers stable positive dynamics of changes in blood composition as early as the second day. The achieved hormonal content does not result in peak fluctuations that worsen a user’s health, unlike drug administration by injection. The medication’s ability to prevent a sharp rise in the amount of steroid content in the liver, which can happen, for example, when taking the hormone orally, is another advantage of applying it topically.

The day after the gel is stopped being used, the testosterone level starts to noticeably decline, and by the fourth day, it has returned to normal. Along with the conjugated testosterone metabolites, urine, and feces, the body also excretes testosterone gel. The use of testosterone gel has not been shown to impair sperm quality in comparison to other forms. In terms of health, testosterone is necessary for spermatogenesis to start, proceed normally, and guarantee that the sperm retains its original characteristics.

Effective ways to take Testogel

You must adhere to the usage instructions to the letter if you want to get a top-notch, testosterone-boosting result:

Every day, preferably at the same time in the morning, gently massage testosterone gel into the previously washed and fully dried skin on the shoulders and abdomen. Apply as soon as the sachet is opened, then thoroughly wash your hands. After the gel has dried for five minutes, put on your clothes. Applying the gel close to the genitalia and breasts is not recommended. These areas can become extremely sore because they contain enough ethanol to irritate them.

After three days of gel application, a daily testosterone blood test should be started. If the indicator level has increased, a lower dose adjustment is made. If the value is insufficient, the dose should be gradually increased (by 2.5mg per day), but it should never exceed 10mg per day.

Test Gel use alone carries the risk of negative side effects and the possibility of physiological reactions that may be challenging to reverse, just like other hormonal medications.

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