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Liv.52 by Himalaya does a great job at ridding the body of toxins and regenerating liver cells. It works by stimulating and protecting the liver against harmful chemical, bacterial, and viral agents. It accelerates the period of convalescence after inflammation.

Effects of Liv.52

Liv 52 starts the rapid excretion of acetaldehyde and it also protects the liver against large quantities of alcohol consumption which negatively affects and does damage to the liver.

If you are suffering with liver cirrhosis, Liv.52 slows down the disease and also prevents further damage. Its properties regulate the level of liver enzymes and it also improves appetite.

Another property of it is that it supports increased and prolonged infectious hepatitis, digestive disorders, as well as fatty liver degeneration, liver dysfunction, cachexia (cachexia) liver cirrhosis, asthenic syndrome, slow physical development, the period after surgery, severe disease, trauma, diabetes, toxicosis of pregnancy, prevention of toxic liver injury during continuous use of antibiotics, and other hepatotoxic medicinal agents.

How to use Liv.52

We recommend using 1 – 2 tablets 2 times a day, with a glass of water. This drug is not recommended for children that are under the age of 14 years.


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  1. male_customer

    Friend of mine let me know about these beauties a little while ago. I can’t believe I hadn’t heard about them before since they’re super handy. It’s pretty simple stuff really: drugs are bad for the liver, and these protect your liver. I know that I’ve just felt generally better since taking them, since I’m sure my liver hasn’t been working overtime anymore. Kind of wishing I had them back in college when I was less of a gym rat and more of a bar rat.

  2. male_customer

    Over the years I have taken a number of oral steroids and I know that it has done an absolute number on my liver. In the quest to have the best body possible I was hammering on my liver like it owed me money. As I get older I know I can’t keep it up, so I take liv-52 as a super cheap way to help me maintain total health, and not just look great.

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