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Package: 10mg (50 pills)
Manufacturer: Alpha Pharma
Substance: Stanozolol oral (Winstrol)

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  1. male_customer

    I always wonder if there are any major differences between oral and injectable winstrol, from my experience there aren’t really any. What I will say though is that I personally find it easier to take pills than to inject, so Rexabol will always be my go to form of winstrol. This is an incredibly high quality product and the guys over at Alpha Pharma also provide incredible customer support!

  2. male_customer

    I don’t normally like oral steroids, typically they make you really watery and come with very high risks of side effects! That isn’t the case with winstrol however, it is a DHT based steroid so it won’t convert to estrogen, meaning you won’t be getting those horrible sides like water retention, bloating or gyno from it. What you do get is a really dry, grainy looking physique! If like me, you were concerned about the estrogenic sides from orals, let me tell you that it doesn’t come with all of them! I suggest everybody should buy some Rexobol, at least just to try for one cycle!

  3. male_customer

    I feel like rexobol has given me those finishing touches that my physique needed, my shoulders are more capped, my abs are tighter and the striations in my quads are crazy! I get some mild side effects, a little acne on the shoulders and upper back, but they started to disappear when I stopped the cycle so no big deal! I had some issues ordering this stuff, every time I checked out it said there was no stock when there was. I spoke to the customer resolution team and they sorted it all right out for me! Thanks so much for the great service guys!

  4. female_customer

    I’ve always wanted that hourglass figure but could never pack on enough muscle around the glutes! Then a friend told me to try some winstrol. Wow, on this stuff I am packing on muscle but I am gaining zero fat! I love it, my figure is still tight and I am on my way to that dream physique.

  5. male_customer

    One thing I can tell you about winstrol is that you MUST stay hydrated! This stuff dries you out and it does it very quickly! Rexobol will also help you keep pushing through those tough workouts, even when calories are low! I seriously recommend you try this stuff.

  6. female_customer

    I love these Rexobol, taking a little pill is so easy and the results you get are exceptional. I stick to 10mg a day and it hasn’t failed me so far! They have helped me achieve the shape and tone I’ve always wanted and I get a lot of attention now because of the way I look. I can’t live without these!

  7. male_customer

    I did 8 weeks of rexobol and I was very very happy with the results. It very quickly became my favourite steroid due to the dry look my physique got on it! I always thought all orals make you watery but that is not the case with winstrol! I look great and my confidence is higher than its ever been!

  8. male_customer

    I strongly suggest running these with a small amount of testosterone. They provide crazy results but they will shut you down if you don’t run the test.. Just keep the test kinda low as it can make you hold some water, which you don’t want if you’re using winny! The point is to get dry and shredded after all! This is a great product and you should definitely buy some rexobol if you wanna get that summer body!

  9. male_customer

    If you know about winstrol, you know how well this stuff works! Just be sure you stay hydrated as this stuff will dry you out very quickly! The quality of Alpha Pharma products is always top notch and the price is also pretty great. This is a 5 star product and will continue to purchase

  10. male_customer

    Top quality PEDs are becoming harder and harder to find in the US now but Alpha Pharma continue to deliver on the quality. I promise you rexobol is the best winstrol out there, I fully believe in the quality of these products and would recommend to anybody looking to purchase.

  11. male_customer

    Rexobol from alpha pharma is my go to now. Alpha as a brand to be honest is my brand. They always have what I need and I know it will give me solid results time after time. Took these for 4 weeks at the end of my cycle and wow they upped my overall look by the end! All excess water was gone, I lost some stubborn fat and it drew me in proper! Definition was so good. 10mg daily with good training and nutrition and your get results.

  12. male_customer

    This is probably my favorite of any of the orals I’ve taken. Worst side I’ve ever had was a bit of heartburn, but really nothing else to speak of other than that. The reason I like it so much is because you can absolutely use it to cut or to bulk up just depending on what you want to mix and match it with. Not too many steroids that are this flexible, which makes this one a winner for me.

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