Kamagra 100


Category: Sexual Health
Package: 100mg (12 pills)
Manufacturer: Ajanta Pharma
Substance: Sildenafil Citrate

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  1. male_customer

    Been using these 100mg bad boys for a while now. I only use half at a time as these get the BP popping with a whole tab! From many times of use I know that you need to be ready for action, as first time I used them they did not work. After much research on the forums I see that they only work when you are feeling horny and at the time I was not as me and the mrs were still arguing over my gear use which always pushes my buttons! Once I figured this out I started waiting until the right time to use them and boom! Happy days to say the least. This place rocks too as it is so easy to buy kamagra without any hassle or questions. No one likes being interigated while trying to get their drugs hahaha

  2. male_customer

    Im usually a deca devil as I love the pure size and growth I have been using the ALpha Pharma Nandrobolin which is incredible when stacked with their Testobolin. Only issue was that due to the high dht and hormonal changes when running the deca high, I dont often perform well in the bedroom …. gym is a different story as I smash it and grow like a beast, but to fix this always nagging issue while running high nandrolone I started top buy kamagra online as my mate said they worked like a treat, Happy to report these ones do the job even when I am completely shutdown. Usually pop half of a full one depending on what I am running in my bulk but either way they provide great results! Happy to use them and since I have not looked elsewhere. This is a great product especially for us deca heads!

  3. male_customer

    I recently came off a very large stack and had a few shall we say ‘performance’ issues during my PCT while waiting for test levels to return. No matter what I tried I just couldn’t get going in the bedroom! So I thought I need to do something, I couldn’t go on like it! I ordered this Kamagra as a last hope sort of thing… Honeslty I think I will just keep using them now haha! My performance was incredible on these, better than ever before! Highly recommend.

  4. male_customer

    Me and the wife were looking for ways to spice up the love life, we looked into Kamagra and saw that it was a pretty highly rated compound, so we gave it a try. I have to admit, it was the best night we ever had together! I went longer than ever before and it all felt so much more enjoyable! This things are magic! Definitely worth trying, even if you don’t ‘need’ them.

  5. male_customer

    I have never used a lot of ED pills in the past, I have never been a huge fan, I don’t get why people use them when on testosterone. I have never had any performance issues in the past while on cycle. I do however really like this stuff during a PCT. I take a bit of time to recover after cycles so this Kamagra helps me get throught that period of 6-8 weeks!

  6. male_customer

    This stuff is a life saver after a long night out… trust me 😉 We’ve all been there when you have a busy night and can’t perform after due to the alchohol.. Take one of these around 30 mins before you need to be ready and you will be sorted! Keep these on hand guys, you will thank me later!

  7. male_customer

    I find that these Kamagra are great for giving that extra bit of stamina needed in the bedroom as I try my best not to disappoint. Using these makes me feel like I can go multiple times in a night which always goes down well with the girlfriend 😉 Would definitely recommend.

  8. male_customer

    I would have to say that these work just about as well as any other ED medication I have used before, however the reason I keep using them is due to the amaxing value for money as well as the great service provided by this site. Customer resolution are always top notch and delivery is very quick.

  9. male_customer

    I used to think it was only older guys who used ED medication, but trust me they can be a big helo for younger guys as well! I like to keep them handy for when I have a heavy night of drinking, they really help me get through the night and I never failt to impress! Highly recommend these and will for sure order more when I start to run low!

  10. male_customer

    I used to be pretty good with the women in my younger days, however as I got older I started to have some performance issues which really hit my confidence! A friend of mine told me he uses these Kamagra so I gave them a shot. They are fantastic! 45 minutes after taking one and I feel like im 25 again! These are great and will definitely improve the love life again!

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