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Substance: Flibanserin

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Fliban 100 is an oral sexual health medication produced by Centurion Laboratories. The main active ingredient is a substance called Flibanserin. Flibanserin pills are used to treat women who are concerned about their low sex drive. The pills are designed to boost libido to a healthy level in females. Flibanserin reviews state that the Flibanserin price is more than reasonable considering the effect that it provides.

Effects of Flibanserin

Although, the Flibanserin mechanism of action is not fully understood, it is known that it has an effect on brain function in areas where sexual desire and pleasure are controlled. Flibanserin stops various nerve receptors such as dopamine type 4, and serotonin type 2A, 2B and 2C, but stimulates serotonin type 1A. This somehow improves sexual desire in women.

Flibanserin side effects can include low blood pressure and dizziness. Well-known negative Flibanserin interactions are with alcohol, blood pressure medications, and any drugs that affect the activity of liver enzymes. The most important Flibanserin warnings are related to pregnancy, since there is not enough data about the effect of the drug on pregnant and breastfeeding women.

How to take Flibanserin pills

Flibanserin for sale in our store by Centurion is available in 100mg tablets. The advised dose is 1 pill daily, which should be swallowed with water before going to bed. The maximum recommended duration of use is 8 weeks.

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  1. Maitha Miller

    Thank god there’s finally some sex pills for us ladies! Do people not realise that we like sex just as much as men do?? I reckon we need them more because I feel like I’m so much more exhausted than my bf after a long day of work and then an intense gym session on top. I felt so guilty denying him pleasure when he asked but since I started taking these magic pills I start throbbing right away!

  2. shiela

    I’m so happy I found these pills on this site. The last time I ran an Anadrol cycle was the first time and I was a bit anxious about what side effects I’d get. I only took 25mg daily and it went pretty well tbh but I did notice my sex drive dropped. I thought I’d find a good libido booster before I run my next Anadrol cycle. So I ordered some of the ED pills from here but they weren’t really doing much for me but then I found these flibanserin pills. You can tell they really are tailored to women cause they work much better than the ED pills they just take a little longer. Recently completed the cycle and didn’t notice any drops in libido. I did feel a bit dizzy sometimes but I think that was the flibanserin side effects rather than the Adrol.

  3. Lisa Hope

    It takes a few weeks but now I feel amazing on these flibanserin pills. I thought they worked instantly like erection pills so was a little disappointed the first day until I researched some flibanserin reviews and learned it takes a week or 2 to start feeling the effects. Also read that they were created as an anti-depressant. Must be why I feel so damn good inside and outside the bedroom.

  4. Kramer Gold

    Dudes, buy these for your girl, you won’t regret haha. I’ll usually buy ED pills along with my gear on top of the free ones you get with each order (one of the reasons I love this site) They’re super helpful in bed when I’m on potent shit but my girl HATES it because they don’t really work on her. She says its unfair so I was stoked to hand her these when I found them for sale on here. Wasn’t 100% sure if they were working at first but it took a couple weeks to start kicking in. Big thanks to Roidschamp for keeping my girl happy as well as me, these guys literally have everything.

  5. male_customer

    My husband and I have recently had our first baby. I noticed that during breastfeeding I have had a drop in hormones and have not been having the urges that I used to when it comes to the physical side of our relationship. I looked into some possible solutions, and decided to give this one as soon as my daughter was no longer breastfeeding. This got me right back to normal with my sex drive, which makes me feel great as our physical relationship is important in our marriage.

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