Megamentin 375


Category: Skin
Package: 375mg (6 capsules)
Manufacturer: Intas
Substance: Amoxycillin and Potassium

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Megamentin 375 is an oral drug manufactured by Intas Pharmaceuticals. This package contains two different drugs. The antibiotic amoxicillin and the beta-lactamase inhibitor potassium clavulanate work together to kill germs. The antibiotic is used to treat bacterial infections of the ear, sinuses, throat, lungs, urinary tract, skin, teeth, joints, and bones, among other places. It’s widely used to treat acne, a common skin ailment caused by bacteria.

Effects of the drug

Each chemical ingredient has a unique activity, allowing them to successfully destroy bacteria that cause diseases when used together. Amoxicillin is an antibiotic that stops germs from growing. This is accomplished by preventing the production of the protective layer required for bacteria to live. Potassium Clavulanate is responsible for lowering bacterial resistance and increasing Amoxicillin action.

How to take the drug

The required dosage of the drug is normally 750-1125mg per day, depending on the severity of the infection that you are trying to cure (2-3 tablets taken evenly spaced apart throughout the day). The drug is administered until all signs and symptoms of infection have vanished. If you stop taking the antibiotic too soon, some germs may still be present and develop resistance to it.

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