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Category: Injectable Steroids
Package: 10 ampoules (250mg/ml)
Manufacturer: Maxtreme
Substance: Testosterone enanthate

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Testo-Enan-1 is a testosterone ester (Testosterone Enanthate) that promotes the development of a noticeable and high-quality set of muscles. This steroid improves the athlete’s general tone and regenerates the ligaments, joints, and entire body in a short amount of time.

In the field of sports pharmacology, Testosterone Enanthate is a classic. This medication is utilized in all power sports, although it is notably popular in bodybuilders’ mass-building programs. The reason for this is because it has a long half-life, allowing you to inject once a week and build up to 10 kg of quality muscle mass over the course of 6 weeks. Athlete’s strengths, in addition to their mass, improve substantially (up to 35 percent per cycle). The fact that this medicine is suitable for athletes of all levels of training, from beginners to professionals for whom the scene is the meaning of life, should be highlighted.

Testosterone Enanthate action

As previously stated, unlike Testosterone Propionate, the drug does not require regular doses. This is vital for mass gain since the drug enters the bloodstream evenly, allowing steady gains without creating hormonal outbursts or causing discomfort from daily injections. It’s also worth noting that Testosterone Enanthate provides a fantastic pump on the cycle, inflating your muscles to massive proportions!

During a Testosterone cycle, the following positive effects are possible:

  • Significant increase in muscle mass.
  • Increased strength of bones and joints.
  • Increase in the level of red blood cells.
  • Increased parameters of strength and endurance.
  • Increased sexual activity.
  • Increased tone.

The esters have no significant distinctions. Enanthate, on the other hand, keeps fluid in the body longer than Propionate.

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Injecting Testosterone Enanthate

After 3-4 days from the time of injection, the substance’s main action kicks in. 1-2 injections each week are required to maintain high Testosterone levels.

The recommended weekly dose is 250-750 mg. The cycle can take up to 2-2.5 months to complete. You must undertake PCT within 2-3 weeks of completing the cycle. This is required for hormonal stability and natural testosterone production to be restored.

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