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Substance: Mesterolone (Proviron)

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The drug Proviron (named Provironos by Pharmacom Labs) is an extremely unique steroid. The active substance, Mesterolone, has some anabolic activity but does not provide anabolic effects. Its androgenic effects are much more pronounced, but that’s not uncommon in the steroid world. The benefit of this oral steroid over others is its capability to act as an anti-estrogen, or more specifically, an aromatase inhibitor (AI). For this reason, Proviron can be used during a steroid cycle or alternatively for PCT to reduce estrogen production and increase free testosterone levels.

Proviron effects

Due to its ability to block the aromatization process, preventing estrogen levels from rising, Proviron can help a user avoid estrogenic side effects of steroids during or after the steroid cycle. By adding Proviron into a steroid cycle, the possibility of experiencing gynecomastia, fat buildup or water retention is substantially reduced.

On top of this, Proviron will slightly dry the muscles, giving them a firmer and more defined look. It also increases sex drive while protecting sexual function itself. If used correctly in combination with Gonadotropin (HCG), the risk of infertility during the steroid will be practically zero.

Ways of taking Proviron pills

As stated, there’s a couple ways of taking the drug. You can take Proviron on cycle with other steroids to enhance their beneficial effects and block their side effects. In this case, you would start taking Proviron from week 2 or 3 of the steroid cycle and maintain daily usage until 2 weeks after you’ve finished the steroid cycle (just before PCT.)

Another option is to take Proviron for PCT along with other types of anti-estrogenic drugs to preserve the results from the cycle and restore normal hormone production. The time to start Proviron use during PCT will depend on the steroids used in the cycle, but PCT will typically last 3-4 weeks with Proviron taken daily.

In both cases, the advised daily Mesterolone dose will be from 25-100mg for men. For women, the Proviron cycle dose should be 25mg or less per day to avoid severe virilization effects.

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