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The drug, Caberlin 0.5 from Sun Pharmaceuticals, is designed to raise dopamine levels, which then decrease prolactin levels. Cabergoline is the name of the medication’s active component. The drug is used in sports to reduce the progestogenic activity of some sports pharmacology medications. Nandrolone and trenbolone are two steroids that have progesterone-like properties. These anabolic substances cause the user’s prolactin levels to increase. This could lead to progestogenic side effects. To stop these side effects, our website offers a variety of drugs like “Caber.”

Caberlin 0.5 is a popular dopamine agonist among bodybuilders and athletes for reducing prolactin levels caused by some injectable and oral steroids, including nandrolone and trenbolone.

Effects of Cabergoline

Cabergoline can improve a user’s sexual experience by increasing libido and erectile function.

The medication will reduce prolactin levels, promote the synthesis of natural testosterone, boost drive and mood, prevent infertility and impotence, lower blood pressure, eliminate fluid retention, and enhance muscle definition. With prompt medication administration, many of the side effects associated with progestogenic steroids can be avoided.

Effective ways to take the drug

This Sun Pharmaceuticals product is a 0.5 mg oral tablet formulation of very potent medication. Cabergoline is not just for those who take sports pharmacology; anyone can use it.

Using drugs while exercising, as was already mentioned, enables you to counteract an elevated prolactin concentration. In this case, no more than 0.25mg (half a tablet) of the medication should be taken every fourth day. If side effects nevertheless occur, take the medication every other day. In some situations, the drug may be used to improve the quality of romantic intercourse. In this case, 0.5 mg (1 tablet) of the medication is administered every 10 days.

You should be aware that breaking the rules can have negative consequences like lethargy, lowered immunity, and an imbalance in the body’s water-salt balance. The endocrine system is unaffected by the active ingredients of the medication, which only affect prolactin production.

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  1. male_customer

    Caberlin was a life saver for me, i was have some sides during end of my cycle to used this within my Pct and the results were great, they fully got me back to my old self and i was able to get the old fella on the go once again. Sun Pharma have a quality product here and i fully recomened to anyone. Didnt realise I needed it for prolactin issues untill I had some great advice from the guy on the chat service. A massive thanks for that! Would have been stuck with lumps for a hot sec if wasnt for the killer advice. Loving the service and products from here!

  2. male_customer

    Caber and tren are my one-two combo. I like to avoid getting the puffy nipple sides as it seems like I’m prone to it more than most people so this stuff does the job. As an interesting side effect, this stuff makes me really horny. I’m not sure if that side is normal, but I certainly don’t mind and neither does my gf.

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