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Package: 10 mL vial (100 mg/mL)
Manufacturer: Dragon Pharma
Substance: Trenbolone acetate

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Trenbolone 100 that we have on sale in our online store is from the reputable pharmaceutical company Dragon Pharma. It allows both professional and beginner athletes to transform their goals into reality in a reasonably short amount of time, while also ensuring that their health is not jeopardized. Trenbolone Acetate is the active substance contained by the injectable steroid and is highly anabolic. It is now one of the most effective drugs in its category. This product’s active ingredients help you enhance strength indicators rapidly and effectively, as well as grow muscle efficiently.

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Effects of Trenbolone Acetate

The drug is widely utilized in numerous sports because it doesn’t aromatize into estrogens. Because of the significant increase in muscle mass that it provides, it is ideal for bodybuilders and powerlifters alike. Trenbolone Acetate can help you gain up to 10kg of pure muscle mass in only one cycle. The substance aids in the rapid burning of fat, giving sportsmen strong, ripped looking muscles. It can also enhance muscle fiber quality, allowing you to recover faster after tough workouts. It’s also worth noting that trenbolone injections can suppress cortisol levels in the body.

How to use Trenbolone Acetate

This anabolic is only accessible in the form of injection. The dosage is determined on an individual basis, based on their desired outcomes. There are, however, some broad guidelines for these injections. Women should not take more than 50-100mg per week. Men’s usual doses are 50-100mg (0.5-1ml) and injections must be done every other day. The glute, shoulder, or thigh muscles are all able to be used to inject (rotating the injection sites). The cycle lasts approximately 6 to 8 weeks. Tren Ace can be used together with other drugs like Oxandrolone or Winstrol for cutting. It can be combined with Dianabol or Testosterone to bulk up. Following the completion of the cycle, Post-Cycle Therapy is required.

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  1. Sam Caballo

    I do a cycle with this stuff about once a year because it is pretty harsh, and you really need to pay attention to your PCT. That being said, it will make you feel like a complete machine when you’re taking it. I look forward to my one cycle where I go into ultimate beast mode and break all my personal best records. I feel like I could go into BB competitions after I use this stuff.

  2. male_customer

    I was just running solo cycles of primo before and wanted to kick things up a notch so I made the switch over to tren. I have definitely put on a lot more lean mass since I’ve started and have some serious energy that I didn’t feel when I was running primo. Kind of feels like a blast of lightning running through my veins. Either way, it definitely works as advertised.

  3. Mark Johnson

    This is without a doubt the strongest stuff I’ve used before. It’s very noticeably stronger than anything I’ve used in the past but man does it work. If you’re just starting out I would suggest something a little easier first, but when you want the serious results this is the stuff you get. Never felt stronger in my life.

  4. Kenton Corbett

    I personally find Trenbolone 100 to be really effective for building strength. I’ve taken a variety of steroids, but this one has the best results overall (growth in muscle, strength, and fat loss); just be careful not to overload or you’ll feel awful and tired. Of course, you also require some testing, at the very least for libido and the conversion of estrogen.

  5. Columbus Sauer

    “Since taking the Trenbolone 100 and test combo, I have been deadlifting 440 pounds, working out my chest and biceps every day, and it seems that everything I eat goes to my muscles rather than my stomach. I consume around 7000–8000 kcal each day and finish every meal to the brim.
    To be honest, I loved tren, however at first it did occasionally give me the flu, but it went away after a few days. And it probably needs to be mentioned that I exercised regularly for 4 years before utilizing it.”

  6. Dusty Batson

    Trenbolone 100 is one of the few versatile steroids in the market. Perfect for both cutting and bulking cycles. Side effects varries depending on the dosage you’re on. I tried going at 400mg/week. It gave me few sides such as intense body heat which resulted to heavy sweating. I also became paranoid and horny all-day long. I even tried 600mg/week. In my experience, the optimal zone for obtaining the best results in terms of gaining muscle mass is at 200mg/week.

  7. Jules Pyle

    20 years ago today, I was cycled Trenbolone 100 on and off. In a snap, my max rep of 405lbs became a normal rep. I was able to recover fast and beat my best! This stuff was cheap yet I felt like I’ve take a million dollar stuff! Now at present time, I’m at my 50’s and still enjoying life and lifting! So far Trenbolone 100 has done nothing to me. All is healthy!

  8. Brice Neville

    Few years back I tried Trenbolone for 3 months which helped me gain 30lbs of muscles which I have miraculously kept! Although I have only used this for 1 cycle, it helped me lift easier because I felt enhanced strength and I was eating 3x more! It amazed me how our stomach can expand it’s size! Only side effect for me was the night sweats, but overall nice product!

  9. Willy Brinkley

    I recently started using Trenbolone 100 for sale and have been amazed by the results. After a few weeks of use, I noticed a significant increase in my muscle mass and strength. My energy levels are also through the roof! I’m so glad I decided to give Trenbolone 100 a try, it’s been the best decision I’ve made in my fitness journey! Click that Trenbolone 100 for sale ads!

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