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Package: 10 ampoules (250mg/ml)
Manufacturer: BM Pharmaceuticals
Substance: Sustanon 250 (Testosterone mix)

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Sustaviron-250 is BM Pharmaceuticals’ version of the most popular testosterone mix of all time, Sustanon 250. The blend of four short and long-acting testosterone esters was created to deliver a consistent release of testosterone into the body, providing the user with instant and lasting results. The ester mix was so effective, that now the majority of steroid brands out there have replicated this specific testosterone mix under their own brand name.

Effects of Sustanon 250

Thanks to the Testosterone Propionate ester, Sustanon 250 results start to show in the first few days of the cycle. Then the next two esters, Testosterone Phenylpropionate and Isocaproate, are released consecutively to keep testosterone levels high and gains continue to grow. About ten days into the cycle, the decanoate ester releases testosterone into the blood again to continue to maintain hormone levels.

Due to its anabolic and androgenic effects, Sustanon is widely used in strength sports and of course bodybuilding to substantially increase strength and endurance while improving the speed of recovery, resulting in the ability to build a large amount of muscle mass in a relatively short amount of time. The result of a Sustanon 250 cycle will be high-quality muscle mass.

How to take Sustanon 250

For beginners to using this steroid mix, it advised to start at 250-500mg per week. The maximum dose per week for advanced users is 1000mg but this kind of dosage will likely come with some side effects. The length of a Sustanon 250 cycle is very flexible, it can be from about 8 weeks up to 16 weeks.

The use of aromatase inhibitors, such as Arimidex or Aromasin, is advised during the Sustanon cycle. For PCT, using Nolvadex and/or Clomid will be suitable to restore testosterone production and preserve the gains from the cycle.

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  1. male_customer

    Love the stuff! Main thing I can say to anyone about to start using it is make sure you eat a ton and get a lot of rest. Your body can make some very serious gains if you give it the tools it needs to repair itself properly after doing the big workouts. When I was first starting out I could expect gains of up to 20 lbs in a cycle, and I’m still able to get nearly the same returns these days even though I’m a little older now. If you really want to get into heavy gains you can run it with some Deca as well, but I always found that I didn’t need the extra hassle.

  2. male_customer

    I’ve just finished my first cycle using sust since before this I was using only single esters. I wanted to see what the difference would be and holy crap, my libido is out of control on this stuff. I’m talking about a breeze blowing the wrong way setting me off. It’s actually a very welcome change to how I would feel on the single esters. I’m also impressed by the speed at which this stuff hits in comparison. I think I might be using this stuff again if the gains are the same, but I’ve heard they can be even better.

  3. male_customer

    When I first started out with Sustaviron I was worried that I would have to stop due to the pain of the injections. I felt amazing when I was on it, but it was a lot to inject in one shot so it would be brutal. But then I started heating up my gear after a friend of mine told me that this was the problem most likely. Now I have almost no pain at all in comparison, and I get all of the benefits of being able to use this stuff, which is great.

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