Category: Oral Steroids
Package: 10mg (100 pills)
Manufacturer: Maxtreme
Substance: Oxandrolone (Anavar)

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  1. male_customer

    Look, you can’t go wrong with Anavar, it is very mild so the risks are low, its not too stressful on your body so you can use it for a good amount of time and it is strong enough to help you build some real quality muscle tissue! It won’t turn you into a pro bodybuilder but for those looking into their first cycle it is an amazing product to introduce you to the world of PEDs

  2. female_customer

    It is SO SO hard to find real Anavar these days, trust me, I have been scammed by a lot of people selling fakes, so when you find a company like Maxtreme with a product as good as Oxa-max it is like striking gold!! I always make sure I stock up when I order just in case supplies run low! I suggest you do the same!

  3. female_customer

    Wow, what a great supplement Anavar is! This stuff allows me to build muscle regardless of if I am cutting or gaining! I make sure I only eat the ‘good’ foods when I cycle it, you know, to avoid too much fat gain and water retention. So far I have never had any issues when using Var, but that could be because of my dosage, I stick around 5-10mg per day depending on the phase I am in.

  4. female_customer

    I got myself some Oxa-max after talking to a girl at my gym. She was a bikini bodybuilder and I was super jealous of her figure. She told me she takes this product and suggested I give it a try. She talked me through how to use it and what not to do etc and the results have been incredible! I get a lot more attention now at work so I guess it must be working right!? Great product Maxtreme

  5. male_customer

    I’ve been struggling a lot recently to be able to push past my limits. I started taking Oxa-max and I have to say my performance levels have picked up dramatically! I take around 50mg a day and have been steadily dropping body fat as well! I highly recommend Oxa-max

  6. male_customer

    Delivery from these guys was super fast, much quicker than I expected. The oxa-max really lived up to expectations, I run it in 6 weeks cycles and I seem to progress every cycle! I have never looked or felt better!

  7. male_customer

    These oxa-max are a little pricey, especially when you compare it to dbol.. However what I have found is that with dbol you have a higher risk of side effects, at least from my experience. Anavar just generally seems much nicer for my body to handle and I still get good quality gains and good strength gains, although not on the level of dbol, however I find It is definitely worth the money for the lower risk of side effects! Just remember everyone reacts differently to these drugs

  8. female_customer

    I used Anavar before and my results were pretty bad if I’m being honest. One of my friends was taking it and her results were amazing, I was so jealous so I asked where she got hers ffrom, she gave me the link to this site and I ordered some… Clearly the stuff I used before must’ve been fake as this Oxa-max worked amazingly! I was able to build that shapely figure I always wanted and I am no longer jealous of my friend!

  9. male_customer

    I don’t normally leave reviews as they normally don’t come across as genuine but I had to share my experience with Oxa-max. I have done a full cycle with this and I am very happy with what I achieved. As most will know, Anavar isn’t an overly strong compound so it won’t guve you crazy results, but this stuff helped me add some real quality tissue and made me feel pretty great! The product quality is top notch and the price is pretty great as well

  10. female_customer

    I have put on so much size since using this stuff. I can train so hard and my strength has improved so much, I have had no side effects so far and I have still managed to retain a feminine physique which is good as I was worried I would look manly! I will definitely be ordering this again and seeing how far I can push my physique

  11. male_customer

    I was taking these for about 5 weeks and I got literally zero results, I was pretty annoyed, I was convinced I had ordered a fake, but after speaking to my coach I realized my mistake… Now, anavar isn’t very strong, and the dose of each pill is pretty low.. I didn’t realize I had ordered 10mg pills! I was only taking one a day as I thought they were stronger! What a fool!! I will be ordering again to run correctly for an entire cycle as the final 2 weeks at 50mg started to show some promise!

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