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Substance: Furosemide (Lasix)

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Lasix by Aventis contains the active substance Furosemide (aka Lasitan), which is known to be an extremely intense diuretic. This loop diuretic causes the body to excrete water, potassium, sodium, and chloride at a rapid rate.

Competitive athletes use this substance for the purpose of dropping water weight, in order to achieve a lower weight class.

Effects of Lasix

After administration, the drug starts pushing fluid out of the body in 1 hour at a high rate for between 3 – 4 hours. Heavy and frequent urination is to be expected with the use of Lasix.

A notable loss in body weight should also be expected during this time.

During this time, you will not lose body fat, instead, you will lose fluid (this fluid is substantial enough to provide a notable change in your body weight).

Those that have trouble meeting weight class requirements use the drug, but it should be known that it can also be detrimental to the user’s performance and it can leave the user feeling very drained, which lowers their performance.

How to use Lasix

To treat high blood pressure, the dosage of Lasix should be 40mg per day, taken twice per day.

To treat edema, the dosage of Lasix should be between 20 – 80mg daily.

For performance athletes, there is no set dosage. For this reason, the dosage needs to be decided on considering the individual characteristics of the athlete.

20mg is perfect to begin with followed by another 20mg twelve hours later if it is necessary.

Usually, 40g per day in total is sufficient for most.

Regardless of the dosage that has been decided on by the athlete, 2 – 3 days should be the maximum period of use for any athlete.

We recommend combining the drug with a potassium sparring diuretic for a safer experience. It should be using 20mg of Lasix along with 50mg of Aldactone. This method of application keeps the Lasix dosage low and should be sufficient when the additional Aldactone is added.

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  1. male_customer

    I used some lasix to help shed some extrra water i had retained during my bulk. these bad bois sirted me right out. I took 80mg daily for 2 weeks and i really noticed the results. wish i odered more to be honest but i did feel i needed to write i review regsrdless. Lasitin have a decent product here and i know i will use rthese again for sure.

  2. male_customer

    This stuff works hard and fast, so if you really need to cut some water weight FAST it is a good way to do it. One of the major issues is that the rebound when you come off of it is not great so that needs to be taken into account before using it. It certainly has it’s place though, and is very useful if you need to take the scorched earth approach to shedding water weight.

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