Category: Hormones & Peptides
Package: 15000IU (3 vials of 5000IU each)
Manufacturer: Maxtreme
Substance: HCG

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  1. male_customer

    For me the best part about using HCG is that it really doesn’t take a lot. The cycles are short and the doses are small but it’s completely effective. I personally only run it during my post-cycle for a couple of weeks and it gets me sorted out. I know others take it during their cutting runs, but for me I have some other things I take when I want to do a hard cut. This just gets me back to feeling 100% again when I’m winding down.

  2. male_customer

    Perfect stuff for the PCT, does everything it’s supposed to do and even a little more. I actually like to run it mid-cycle too for a quick 2 week boost. Honestly I’m not sure why more people don’t run it like this. It adds a pretty good jolt of energy just when I need it, then the cycle is over before I know it. I don’t know about you guys, but before I was doing this I always used to have a bit of a lull in the very middle of the cycle where I feel I need to dig a little deeper than usual, so this helps a lot with that dip. Give it a shot if you’ve never tried it that way, might be just the thing.

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