Category: Oral Steroids
Package: 10mg (100 pills)
Manufacturer: Maxtreme
Substance: Oxymetholone (Anadrol)

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  1. male_customer

    I had a pretty disappointing time with this Max-drol, I was taking one pill a day and my results were pretty poor! Nothing like what i was expecting from the stories I had read online… Then it hit me, I was only taking 10mg a day!! I didn’t even notice that these were dosed at 10mg per pill instead of 50mg! As soon as I found out what I had been doing I upped the dose to 50mg and then it happened! Everything I saw online was bang on the money! The crazy strength, the huge amounts of mass, all of it! I love this stuff and highly recommend you try it!

  2. male_customer

    You know the saying eat big to get big? Well that could not be more true when Anadrol is involved! Eat large amounts of calories and you will get HUGE! It is truely amazing just how well this stuff works! I honestly think everyone should be using Max-drol

  3. male_customer

    I had been struggling in the gym, almost gliding through my sessions making little progress, I needed something to get me back on track and it needed to be fast! That is where Max-drol comes in… I took this stuff for 6 weeks at 50mg per day and my god.. The progress I have made is crazy, about a week in and I noticed changes, this really motivated me to train harder which lead to even more gains! Seriously this stuff is amazing and its the reason for all my gains recently!

  4. male_customer

    Ok so it is pretty common that if something is strong enough to produce results as quickly as Anadrol then it is also likely to come with some pretty harsh side effects. That being said I decided to run this Max-drol anyway as I wanted the quick gains, boy were they quick! My previous cycle was 12 weeks of Test E and I gained about 16 lbs…. 6 weeks of this stuff and I had nearly doubled that! So far the only side effect I have had was that my appetite was a bit up and down, but I thought this may be due to the liver being stressed so I ran some Liv.52 and that issue was sorted right out! Will definitely buy Max-drol again!

  5. male_customer

    I was looking for quick gains, I wasn’t sure if I should be using this or Dianabol. In the end I decided to go with Max-drol. I have to say I’m glad I made th choice I did. After just 4 short weeks I had already started to make insane progress, both in terms of my overall mass and my strength! Come the end of the cycle I had gained 27 lbs! I love this stuff, I will definitely order again.

  6. male_customer

    I had an Injury so I lost a lot of size, I needed a way to get back to my pre injury size and I needed it to happen fast! I hopped on a cycle of maxdrol and wow, I was very very impressed! I started with 50mg per day for the first 4 weeks then upped to 100mg for the final 2 weeks. I am now bigger than I was even before I had my injury! I will definitly be using this Anadrol again.

  7. male_customer

    For my first cycle I ran 500mg of Test and 300mg of Deca, my results were amazing, but it only made me want more fir my next cycle, I did some research and decided to add in this Max-drol… WOW I ran the same doses of Test and Deca with 50mg od Anadrol per day, I only ran the Anadrol for the first 6 weeks but the results were amazing and helped push my cycle to a level I really didn’t expect. This stuff is amazing and I think everyone should experience how crazy it is!

  8. male_customer

    There isn’t much to say about anadrol, it’s an amazing steroid and this product from maxtreme is really high quality! The 10mg doses also make it much easier to control your dosing throught the day! Great product and great company 10/10 recommendation.

  9. male_customer

    Nothing quite hits the same way as Anadrol, this stuff will have you feeling like you are superman! Anf the results will only back up that feeling! You will progress in terms of muscle growth as well as imrpoving your strength! It also gives you less estrogenic sides than dbol which is a huge bonus! 50mg of this a day for 6 weeks will change your life, trust me.

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