Category: Injectable Steroids
Package: 10 ampoules (100mg/ml)
Manufacturer: Maxtreme
Substance: Drostanolone propionate (Masteron)

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Max-Pro is a 100mg per 1ml concentration of Drostanolone Propionate (Masteron) made by the pharmaceutical business Maxtreme Pharma. Masteron is an androgenic medication with a mild anabolic effect. The drug’s formula is comparable to dihydrotestosterone, which explains the steroid’s widespread use in sports and bodybuilding. An athlete can improve strength indicators, improve the quality of muscle mass, and give it the desired definition by using the right dosage and time.

Effects of Masteron

In just one cycle, while taking Masteron in accordance with the recommendations of a specialist, an athlete can receive the following results:

  • Accelerated growth of muscle fibers
  • Increase in physical training indicators
  • Acceleration of the processes of splitting of fat cells
  • Moderate diuretic effect

Many sportsmen use the medication in cycles designed to help them dry out and prepare for sporting events. Its active ingredients serve to improve muscle mass hardness and density, as well as definition and venous details, with minimal adverse effects.

Furthermore, the drug contains anti-estrogenic activity, which means that the athlete does not feel tired and his body is in good form throughout the cycle.

Dosages of Drostanolone Propionate

This steroid is one of the few that allows you to workout hard without concern of losing muscle mass or endurance. It is vital to follow a specialist’s suggestions to get the desired result without endangering one’s health.

On average, the recommended weekly dosage of Masteron is between 200 and 400 mg. The dosage should be divided into three weekly injections. The usage period is limited to 12 weeks. Women can use the medication, but only up to 100mg each week.

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  1. male_customer

    I stacked this max pro with test e as my cycle was 12 weeks, id never used the two together before but i will say i 100% will cycle this again. The quality in gains were awesome, I didnt gain that much more then i usually would on just a high dosed testosterone cycle but my muscles were just popping usiong this with a lower dose! Muscle fibres of better quality, fuller and looking harder. I was able to train with some serious intensity aswell. Before, I cycled 200mg of masteron with 400mg test e. I also didnt have any side effects from anything. Great products and work very well.

  2. male_customer

    Max pro is now going to be my go to. I tend to suffer with some estrogen side effects when cycling and it was driving me insane. I was advised that masteron will help as its essentially an anti estrogen. After stacking this i was so shocked and impressed. I literally had no side effects, no skin issues or anthing. Maxtreme have a great compund here and i know where ill be buying from in the future. I also have a much denser physique aswell, my muscles look just fuller and not buy water retention.

  3. male_customer

    Max pro fro maxtreme is fantastic. Price is competative, delivery good and actual product is just awesome quality. I stacked masteron with my test and dbol cycle and it was insane. The other compounds helped me grow but stacking max pro jsut allowed to build much denser muscle and not retain a shed load of water. I was strong, gaining nice mass and i felt great. Mast is also great for keeping estro sides to a minimal if any so fully recommned this for you.

  4. male_customer

    Want to build some nice lean dense muscle, harder appearance in muscles and just looking solid – then stack some max pro into your cycle. Its not magic like every other anobolic but work hard and your results will br undeniable. Maxtreme have a very nice product here, one of the bet ive used in all honesty.

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